Swimming pool area

Each of the two houses has a removable pool, 4.27 meters long, in its own private garden. In addition, the garden area shared between both houses has another seven-meter removable pool. The pools are open from June 15 to September 15.

In addition, both houses can enjoy a communal garden area, with 2,000 square metres of lawn, an orchard with fruit trees and leafy palm trees. You can relax in the coolness of a shaded area with table and seats, a typical space for tasting such tasty dishes. Spaces in which to relax in the middle of nature, playing with the children or practising a sport.



Our rural tourism houses enjoys several gardens. One of them is in the door of the rural house ‘Cortijo’ with a centenary olive tree, bougainvillea, rose bushes and 100 square meters of grass.

In front of the Cortijo another garden gathers trees such as pines, poplars, eucalyptus, olive trees or wickers; 300 square meters of grass and a rustic pergola in the center.

El Mirador also has its own garden, surrounded by trees and from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the entire area. In addition, the walls of the three rural houses are decorated, in the most typical Andalusian style, with traditional flowerpots of geraniums.