Protective measures

In order to guarantee your stay with maximum safety, due to the current health situation, at Cortijo Pulgarín Bajo we follow all the recommendations of the authorities in terms of capacity, physical distancing and hygiene. The following measures are applied for the protection, cleaning and maintenance of our facilities:


  • A minimum margin of two nights is established between the arrival and departure of guests to each house, in order to guarantee the ventilation of the rooms and the carrying out of cleaning and disinfection tasks.
  • Biocides, disinfectants such as bleach solutions and/or other products with virucidal activity authorised and registered by the Ministry of Health are used for cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces of the houses, outdoor areas and communal areas.
  • Special attention is paid to surfaces and objects that are handled the most (knobs, handles, remote controls, switches, taps, kitchen utensils, cutlery, etc.).
  • Bed linen and towels are washed at high temperatures and delivered to each room upon arrival.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for cleaning and disinfecting hands are provided in each house and in the pool area.
  • Non-essential items are kept to a minimum in the rooms. The rooms are sufficiently ventilated beforehand and the disinfection of items that are in regular use is reinforced.
  • In the kitchen, necessary and essential utensils are kept and other items are reduced.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of the swimming pool facilities is ensured, in addition to the relevant operations and controls to obtain adequate water quality.
  • The various elements located in the common areas are cleaned and disinfected between the clients’ arrival and departure.
  • The contract is sent in advance to be read by the client, only to be signed when the keys are handed over.
  • The key to the house is delivered in a previously disinfected container and must be left in the same place after the rental.


  • The original capacity of the houses (10 people in the Cortijo, 4 in the Aprisco and 4 in the Mirador) will be adjusted to the capacity limitations set by the authorities at all times.
  • The clients undertake not to exceed this capacity and not to invite people outside the rental, either to the houses or to the communal areas.
  • The client must provide a complete list of the people staying in the houses, providing their name and ID number or other identification.
  • The clients must undertake to maintain a physical distance from the people in the other houses, as well as to comply with the capacity regulations and the public health recommendations of the authorities.
  • In the reception of the client, the use of a mask will be obligatory, physical contact will be avoided and distance will be maintained.
  • The necessary explanations and consultations will only be made to one person, who is responsible for the whole group.
  • The common areas of Cortijo Pulgarín Bajo, gardens and pool area, with 5,000 square metres, have enough space to respect the minimum safety distance between the guests of our houses, provided that the capacity of each of the houses is met, which may not be exceeded.
  • The capacity of the swimming pool, with a surface area of 120 square metres, will be limited to 18 people. Clients will undertake not to exceed this capacity.
  • On leaving, guests must leave their bed linen and towels in the basket installed in each house for this purpose.